Introducing Upgrade my home

A live 1-2-1 video shopping service supported by experts who can Confer With your customers, giving them live advice for choosing the right appliance for their home

Customers love the fact that we can select the best products for their home from products from a specially curated recommendation engine.

Confer With powers live video shopping for:

Appliances convert poorly online with high return rates

live video shopping electronics confer with

Because appliances are high consideration purchases

Appliance brand and retailers must be able to recommend and select the right products from the most appropriate trading range amongst brands

How does Upgrade My Home work?

online appliances live video shopping confer with

Experts can present product assets, images, and video to online shoppers

appliances live video shopping confer with

Experts can leverage a recommendation engine to suggest relevant products

online appliances live video shopping with confer with

Customers and experts can build a collaborative basket by adding items to the shared basket

What is the impact of Upgrade My Home?

20% and above conversion rates

Confer With provides a remote expert service to help customers make considered purchase decisions, improving conversions.

Customers want validation on which appliances will suit their home. The best way to do this is by using our recommendation engine, and customers love it! We can guide their purchasing decisions with products suitable and personalised for their space.”

Let's Chat

We always like to introduce out customers to the use and benefits of video commerce. 

Simply book in a time using our calendar tool, and one of our sales strategists will be in touch to show you how live video shopping can positively impact your customer satisfaction and revenue.

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