What is the O2O Strategy? The Future of Retail

The shift where online retail is growing, and offline retail is contracting is happening. In the retail industry we are seeing a change in balance of the old sales channels, where there is an advancement of the largest online brands. Organisations can now go digital overnight, and can bring both engagement and higher conversion rates into stores.

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23 Jul, 2021

Enhancing Customer Relationships with our Expert Booking Tools 

  Confer With’s recent updates allows for a more seamless customer journey where the expert can rebook and copy dedicated product links in the video call. Let’s check them out. The expert rebooking update Confer With strives to make the customer journey as interactive and collaborative as possible, which is why our matching feature is […]

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1 Jul, 2021

The Conversion Rate Game Changer: The Virtual Shared Basket

How can the virtual shared basket power 10x conversions Online Cart abandonment is a growing worry among the retail industry. Confer With aims to power conversions through its core feature – the virtual shared basket. It now offers them an opportunity to collectively tailor the basket and products to their needs and wants, together, with […]

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21 Jun, 2021

Transforming eCommerce With Our Immersion Tools

Confer With has disrupted and transformed the way online brands can connect to their customers via live video shopping. Here we talk about our demonstration feature which empowers retail teams to display imagery, video and product specifications from their entire product inventory. Since the birth of the pandemic, the announcement of store closures and social […]