Live Video commerce delivers differentiation via customer experience

Customer experience can be enhanced using video commerce. You can learn more about customer needs and respond to those needs in real time, bridging the gap between online and retail.

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19 Mar, 2021

eCommerce Strategy for Upselling and Cross-Selling

Upselling and cross-selling are commonly used sales terms that are interchangeable yet hold completely different purposes. This article talks about the two terms and uncovers why video commerce can help achieve missed opportunities. What to expect What is upselling What is cross-selling Why is upselling and cross-selling important for eCommerce? Why is upselling and cross-selling difficult for […]

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12 Mar, 2021

Why Live Video Shopping is the Answer to Ecommerce Personalisation

eCommerce personalisation is at the forefront of any online strategy. And with many platforms that sit on mountains of data, it is advised to tailor experiences to your segmented audiences. However, if you are an eCommerce platform looking to offer hyper-personalisation and a truly unique approach then live video shopping is your answer.

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8 Mar, 2021

Why Video Shopping is a New Sales Channel For Retail

The digital revolution in retail has resulted in customers expectations of online retailers delivering exceptional customer service and personalisation. With the accumulation of the digital push and the limitations of the pandemic, video shopping has become a new sales channel for retail and is predicted to stay – even after COVID-19. This article will explain the […]