How to Create a Personalised Video Experience for the Home and Garden Sector

personalised video for home and garden

In the contemporary home and garden sector, providing a personalised and unique experience for customers is paramount in fostering brand loyalty and driving sales; the biggest innovators are using video experiences. By creating a versatile and convenient video shopping experience for each customer, home and garden brands can showcase their stylish products and services in […]

How to stand out in the world of mattress marketing

video shopping on phone

Does the world of sleep make your eyes close and dreams start? Well, it is time to wake up, as this industry is one of the most interesting to view from a marketing perspective. Specifically, the world of mattresses. Around a decade ago, shopping for a mattress would have involved heading a to an out […]

Live video shopping with Furniture & Homewares

Live Video Shopping Furniture & Homewares

How do you improve furniture sales in a socially distanced retail environment? Here is the use case for improving conversion and Average Order Value via livestream video shopping. A great pivot for an industry hampered by social distancing.