How to Create a Personalised Video Experience for the Beauty Sector

How to Create a Personalised Video Experience for the Beauty Sector

In the beauty sector, providing a personalised and unique experience for customers is paramount in fostering brand loyalty and driving sales; the biggest innovators are using video experiences. By creating a video shopping experience for each customer, beauty brands can showcase their products and services in a way that aligns with the customer’s preferences and […]

Conversational Commerce in the Beauty Industry

conversational commerce beauty

The beauty industry is constantly evolving: from teleshopping tutorials to skincare and makeup routines on YouTube. So, as new technologies emerge, brands must adapt to meet the changing needs of their customers. A new way for beauty brands to communicate with their consumers is conversational commerce. This enables them to connect with customers in real-time […]

How to Grow your Beauty Brand in 2023

how to grow a beauty brand 2023

The beauty industry is a dynamic and rapidly expanding market, presenting significant opportunities for businesses to expand their reach and revenue. With the rise of e-commerce and shifts in consumer behaviour, beauty brands have more avenues than ever to reach and engage with potential customers. By implementing these strategies, your brand can take advantage of […]

Spotlight: Confer With at Figaro Digital – Beauty Retail

beauty video commerce

Confer With joined Figaro Digital to discuss the latest digital marketing tips and trends in the beauty industry. Our CEO Serge Milbank talks how beauty retailers can engage with customers via online video and how to supercharge conversions.

The Beauty use case for live video shopping

Live Video Shopping cosmetics

Live video Shopping makes sense for the beauty industry. In practice, how does it make sense? We bring to life the beauty use case – taking you step by step through how a live video shopping experience takes place in beauty.

Why live video shopping and the beauty industry are a perfect match​

Live video shopping in beauty

Live shopping in beauty has great potential. The intimate nature of engagement and product immersion, the channels customers and brands are used to using are changing rapidly and there are high value customers at stake. All of these factors point to an opportunity for forward thinking brands to get a step ahead of the competition as footfall is compromised and personal contact is discouraged in the current climate.