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How Oway elevated their customer experience with personal video shopping

“We embarked on this project with a qualitative focused mindset, with an actual [virtual] store and a high-quality structure, in order to bring our client as close as possible to our store and ‘immerse’ into our product and experience an ‘in person’ shopping ritual that meets its demands.”


E-commerce Department, OWAY

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Revolutionizing Retail with OWAY Immersive Store

Confer With and OWAY Beauty’s collaboration led to the creation of the OWAY Immersive Store in Bologna, Italy. This digital innovation, combined with a physical environment, offers an immersive, high-engagement virtual shopping experience, redefining retail technology and customer interaction.

“Our partnership with Confer With has transformed the digital shopping experience, blending our agricosmetic philosophy with cutting-edge technology to create an unparalleled customer journey.”


E-commerce Department, OWAY

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The Challenge: Tactile Experience in Digital Retail

OWAY, an agricosmetics brand, faced the challenge of demonstrating the tactile essence of its products in a direct-to-consumer model, essential for their organic, plastic-free offerings. Traditional retail wasn’t an option, necessitating an innovative approach to convey sensory experiences online.

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The Solution: The OWAY Immersive Store

In partnership with Confer With, OWAY developed the Immersive Store, a virtual space that showcases products while enabling rich storytelling about their texture and sensation.

The immersive stores are purpose-built visual studios in Bologna and Amsterdam that cater specifically to the needs of enhancing the personal shopping experience over video.

The Confer With platform was integrated for its intuitiveness and ability to offer personalized service, facilitating a unique, consultative shopping experience.

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The Experience: Immersive and Personalized, embracing the hybrid model

Linda from OWAY emphasizes the importance of direct interaction with clients to better understand their needs.

The [Confer With] platform was easier to integrate with our existing and future e-commerce tools… enabling us to create an interchange between the physical presence in the shop and the virtual reality that the market requires.” – Linda, E-commerce Department, OWAY.

Malvina, responsible for the physical store, notes the platform’s ease of use and its ability to showcase product details like consistency and fragrance, previously lost in e-commerce.

Having the catalog visible while we talk about the product has transformed the way we connect with our clients, offering a complete, immersive retail experience that is both intuitive and engaging.” – Malvina, Physical Store Manager and Retail Coordinator, OWAY.

Milena, a video consultant, highlights that customers appreciate direct contact and personalized recommendations, valuing the human touch in their shopping experience.

What customers like most is the ability to have direct contact with someone, who can recommend products in the same way it would happen in a store.” – Milena, Video Consultant, OWAY.

The fluidity of the platform allowed me to focus more on the interaction, reintroducing the human factor in customer engagement.” – Milena, Video Consultant, OWAY.