Since 2017, Nordgreen has grown a brand based on sustainable practices and aesthetically pleasing watches. They are also disrupting the sector by delivering immersive live video experiences using Confer With.   

To find out more about how they overcame eCommerce challenges and strong competition, we sat down with Head of Customer Experience, Karolina Gilyte, and Customer Success Manager, Eva Fink. 

We hold Nordgreen close to our hearts for many reasons. They are our first watch specialist company, where we work with a number of product variants to suit the customer needs. More impressively, it has pushed us to become a multi-language platform. Nordgreen is active across Europe and Asia, including Germany and Japan. 

It has helped strengthen our unique product offering and means we can support brands regardless of which market they operate in.  

To start with, we asked Karolina what pain points they experienced prior to using Confer With 

Karolina: We are a startup company and we wanted to diversify from the rest of the competition and offer different solutions to our customers.  

Another is the convenience to get in touch with us. We do have a substitute which is live chat, but that’s a different experience you can bring on board. It solves the issue of being able to get back in an efficient manner and allows you to show a product in front of a camera. 




improvement in conversion rates

Confer With’s unique offerings has enabled Nordgreen to offer fully customisable watches inside a video call. The customer can choose the strap material, watch face and a variety of colours. By creating an experience where products are suggested in a buy flow, it helps improve KPIs and supports the virtual team. We asked Karolina how Nordgreen has benefited from the service.  

Karolia: We can now offer immediate conversation to solve queries. The second is bringing back the store influence. We don’t have any physical stores – we only sell through selected retailers so I think it’s a good experience for us to use the tool and bring Nordgreen online.  


 We really wanted to diversify from the rest of the competition and offer different solutions to our customers.

Karolina Gilyte

Head of Customer Experience

one to one live video script

Not one client is treated as a number and the same applies to Nordgreen. Our goals align to customise the platform so we suit Nordgreen’s business goals. It’s because of this we continue our smooth relationship as they have received a lot of personal service from the Confer With Team. 

We continued the conversation and spoke about if Karolina now prefers this way of working

Karolina: Personally, I was sceptical at first, based on the data we had with the live chat. But now, I totally love the service – especially now other brands are doing it too. I see this growing a lot with other brands out there.

We have spoken about the limitations of live chats being used as a customer service tool. With many brands offering automated responses and the opportunity to speak to a human. 

Nordgreen can now offer immediate customer service tools to answer simple queries but leverage live video shopping to act as a powerful selling tool. Additionally, many customers are in favour of live video services.


People can call from all over the world. They can talk one on one with any employees at Nordgreen! 

Eva Fink

Customer Success Manager

Eva Fink shares her experience with Confer With’s onboarding and how video tools have supported Nordgreen’s video calls. Eva heads up virtual consultations with Nordgreen’s customers, so she has a lot of hands one experience with live video!

First, let’s start with the training. Eva – how did you find it?

Eva: The Customer Success Manager was very nice and supported us throughout the onboarding process.  Firstly they helped with the role-playing and soon we were practising amongst ourselves. They were always on call to offer guidance, especially if I had any questions!

Onboarding at Confer With delivers a very hands-on approach. We have a dedicated team of people at hand to deliver workshops, role-play sessions and weekly catch-ups to ensure our customers can use our platform seamlessly.

We asked Eva what her favourite Confer With feature was.

Eva: What I like most is you can show the pictures of watches and the straps. When I talk about specific watches, I can share them with the customer also. 

Also, the customers love being able to see someone where they can explain everything in detail. Before it would be just over email – and that takes way longer!


increase in average order value

The Confer With live video shopping platform has blended customer service and sales together, which has helped Nordgreen build strong connections with their customers. It’s because of these sales, average order value and conversion rates have increased.

Eva can present products in a buy flow and offer different combinations to customers. It has strengthened Nordgreen’s market position as a brand that delivers on trust, customer service and quality. 

We continue to work with Nordgreen to help establish themselves across international markets including the UK, Europe and Asia.

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Live video shopping is available for sportswear brands to support customers remotely.


Live video shopping is available for consumer electronics to support customers remotely.

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