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"We have the chance to shop with customers by adding and removing products from their carts, saving goods, and then they can complete the steps later on. This feature allows for a personalized shopping experience."

– L’Occitane

1 • The Client

Redefining Beauty Shopping Experiences with Live Video Shopping

L’Occitane, a renowned beauty brand with a rich heritage, has consistently aimed to provide exceptional experiences for their customers. With a strong commitment to customer-centricity and a focus on innovation, L’Occitane sought to enhance their online shopping platform by incorporating a live video shopping feature.

2 • The results

Uniqueness, Easy Video Shopping Integration, and 24/7 Customer Conversion

L’Occitane’s decision to partner with Confer With for their live shopping platform proved to be a resounding success. As expressed by the team, Confer With had “something really unique in their offer” and was “easily integrated.” The platform’s ability to convert customers 24/7, anywhere, and anytime was highly valued, ensuring an immersive and convenient shopping experience.

According to Rafi Dikranian, New Ventures Director at Chalhoub Greenhouse, “the Confer With product is super unique. First of all, it’s super easy to integrate. The UX and UI are very easy to understand. But what’s more important, it allows BAs to be able to convert customers 24/7, anywhere, anytime.”

The Smooth Live Shopping Onboarding: Building Connections and Customer Centricity

The onboarding process with Confer With was seamless, leading to an instant connection between the teams. L’Occitane found a shared passion and vision for customer centricity, which further strengthened the partnership. The platform’s user-friendly interface and integration capabilities made it easy for L’Occitane’s beauty ambassadors to connect with customers and provide personalized recommendations.

“We built a great relationship with the team… and I feel like we really share a common passion and vision in terms of customer centricity,” stated Nivine Rammal, L’Occitane Head of Training and Customer Experience

Training and Collaboration: Interactive Learning and Comprehensive Support

The live video shopping training provided by Confer With was highly interactive, allowing L’Occitane’s team to collaborate effectively and gain a deep understanding of the L’Occitane live shopping platform. The willingness of the Confer With team to answer all questions and provide comprehensive support ensured a smooth transition and equipped L’Occitane’s team with the necessary knowledge to maximize the platform’s potential.

3 • The Future of Beauty Retail

live video shopping loccitane

L’Occitane recognized that live shopping has the potential to transform the beauty retail landscape. By leveraging Confer With’s platform, L’Occitane believes they can elevate the online customer experience, broaden product options, and increase engagement. The convenience and comfort of shopping from anywhere, combined with the ability to provide personalized assistance, will undoubtedly attract and retain more customers.

It allows BA’s to be able to convert customers 24/7, anywhere, anytime… it will help us to increase the online customer space.




4 • The Conclusion

loccitane live video shopping confer with

L’Occitane’s experience with Confer With’s live shopping platform has showcased its immense potential for the beauty industry. The seamless integration, personalized customer interactions, and the ability to convert customers round the clock have revolutionized L’Occitane’s online shopping experience. By embracing live video shopping, beauty brands can enhance customer satisfaction, drive sales, and stay at the forefront of digital innovation.

Incorporate live shopping into your brand’s strategy and discover the power of personalized, immersive, and convenient beauty shopping experiences. Join L’Occitane in leveraging this transformative platform and unlock the future of beauty retail. Get in touch!

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