Live video shopping is available for jewellery brands to support customers remotely.

The Confer With video commerce platform helps you understand customer needs online and provide live video shopping advice on what jewellery to buy. Start offering a highly personable experience to your customers who are looking for everyday accessories or high-value precious items.

Confer With

Confer With enables your team to demonstrate and share beautiful jewellery pieces to the highest standard. Empower your brand with video commerce technology to immerse customers and help navigate a seamless journey. It is an effective tool to convert more sales and grow customer loyalty with a tailored online shopping experience. 

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Your team can engage live with customers, upsell, cross sell and even add promotions to customer baskets during live video shopping experiences. Your customers can purchase with confidence due to intelligent algorithm matching and a seamless front-end experience for the customer and retailer.

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Confer With helps your jewellery brand achieve imperative KPIs and sell high-consideration items.  with ease. The Confer With service helps cross-sell complimentary accessories, positively impacting on conversion, average order value and customer loyalty.

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