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Transform your e-commerce business with Live Video Shopping

Elevate your business by providing an immersive, real-time shopping experience for your customers. Start your free trial and join the future of e-commerce today!

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Skyrocket conversion rates

Engage with your customers immediately to address their queries, enhancing their shopping experience and dramatically reducing cart abandonment

Amplify average order values

Leverage live demonstrations to showcase products and offer personalized recommendations, compelling customers to add more to their carts

Build authentic relationships

Foster personal connections with your customers in real-time, bridging the gap between online and in-store experiences

Empowered sales strategy

Utilize Confer With’s features, captivating your customers’ attention and guiding them towards making a purchase decision more swiftly and confidently

Seamless integration

Confer With fits quickly and effortlessly into your current digital infrastructure. No complicated tech or massive overhauls required

Scalable and adaptable

Whether your enterprise is large or small, Confer With scales to match your ambitions, providing stellar customer experiences at every level

Hear it from our clients

“We have the chance to shop with customers by adding and removing products from their carts, saving goods, and then they can complete the steps later on. This feature allows for a personalized shopping experience.”

Nivine Rammal

L'Occitane Head of Training and Customer Experience

“Confer With is a sales channel in its own right. It outperforms our bricks and mortar showrooms in pure revenue terms.”

Alex Bridgman

Bridgman Commercial Director

“It has allowed us to engage with a browser on the website and move the conversation along from a light touch enquiry to a sale.”

Matt Hazelden

Snug Virtual Retail Advisor

Experience the positive impact of Confer With on your e-commerce store

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