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Provide retaillevel service for your BigCommerce customers

Introducing Confer With’s live one-to-one video shopping for BigCommerce. Your e-commerce customers can access brand ambassadors live over video, directly on your site. Your brand can now provide a personal shopping service that is fun, convenient, and directly connected to your BigCommerce store via the app marketplace 

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If your e-commerce store is running on BigCommerce, then Confer With is the perfect match for launching live video shopping.

Sell on BigCommerce with live video shopping

Confer With is a breakthrough live shopping platform that provides a personal shopping service to your customers, which is as enjoyable as physical retail and as convenient as e-commerce. Confer With provides brand ambassadors live and on demand when your customers need it – just as in retail. We connect to your BigCommerce store, making all products shoppable in live one-to-one video calls. With the use of our platform, your BigCommerce store will see boosts in conversion rates, average order value, and overall customer satisfaction.

Easy integration

Confer With leverages your product inventory on BigCommerce, setting up a live video shopping feed that allows your team and customers to use a virtual shared basket, connected directly to your BigCommerce store.

Increased revenue

Live video shopping increases conversion rates to 20% and above, reduces return rates by up to 40%, and increases average order value by 49% and above.

Customer satisfaction

Live video shopping increases NPS scores to an excellent benchmark of between 70 and 80, as well as reducing bounce rates with the instant access to live, face-to-face help and advice.

Conversion rates are too low because customers need live advice when making a purchasing decision

Provide a personalised shopping service that your e-commerce customers will love and see results of higher conversion rates and average order values.

Connect customers to your brand ambassadors, live

A widget is triggered when the customer requests assistance

Suggest products that match your customers’ needs

Use a specially curated recommendation engine that suggests relevant products, live 

Demonstrate products using your asset library

Present product assets, images, and videos to online shoppers

Connect directly to your BigCommerce cart

Build a collaborative, virtual basket with the customer. Add multiple items to the basket and stay connected with the shopper all throughout their purchasing journey

Transform your business with Confer With