Will one-to-one live video shopping work for my brand?

With one-to-one live video shopping taking the world of eCommerce by storm, would it work for your brand? Well don’t worry, one-to-one video shopping has the potential to transform digital retail for a wide range of different products and brands.

With one-to-one live video shopping taking the world of eCommerce by storm, would it work for your brand? Well don’t worry, one-to-one video shopping has the potential to transform digital retail for a wide range of different products and brands.

What is one-to-one live video shopping?

One-to-one live video shopping is an immersive virtual shopping experience where customers can purchase products online inside a live face-to-face video call with a member of your customer service team. It enables you to provide direct, human customer service and help convert potential customers into sales within an interactive, shoppable call interface.

Will customers want to purchase our products using this technology?

Yes! Absolutely. Customers are crying out for the personalised and empathetic digital retail experience that live video shopping delivers. With 88% of consumers stating they expect brands to accelerate their digital initiatives in regards to online shopping.

Sectors that in particular stand to benefit from one-to-one live video shopping, are those that focus on high value items or considered purchases, such as clothes, furniture and jewellery.

Retailers in these areas have often found transferring business from brick and mortar stores, to eCommerce particularly challenging. Consumers shopping for these products often feel uncomfortable making their purchase online, with tailored advice and a higher level of attention to detail being considered more important when it comes to these types of products.

Providing personal and real time customer service

One-to-one live video shopping gives your customers the chance to reach out directly and to receive the re-assurance they are seeking all within their time spent on your website. Your colleagues will be able to use the immersive shopping basket function to showcase products in high levels of detail, explain specifications and answer queries all in real time and without risking the customer simply skipping over to another website.

Its no wonder that so many brands are now turning to live video shopping as a way to revolutionise their eCommerce offering.

Is my company capable of providing one-to-one live video shopping?

Many retailers are concerned that introducing one-to-one live video shopping my prove difficult for their company, or something only reserved for big companies with large staffs and tech departments.

But there is no need to be concerned. One-to-one live video shopping is easy to implement and even easier to operate!

What are the technical requirements involved?

When it comes to introducing one-to-one live video shopping, Confer Withs platform operates using headless commerce technology. This essentially functions as a “plug in and play” feature on your website.

All it will take is placing a single line of java script onto your website using google task manager, and you are ready to go! Once you are operating, we will take care of the technical side of things and make sure it all runs smoothly. You will be able to configure the platform to work however best suits your website, and easily make modifications without any coding or complex technical knowledge required.

Confer With Little

How many staff will I need to do this?

If you are concerned about staffing one-to-one live video shopping, there is also no need for concern. You can provide this service with as little as just one or two colleagues answering calls. You don’t even need to have them in a showroom or call centre. Our platform is simple to use and access, so your colleagues can take calls from wherever they want, be it a showroom, or their own homes!

And if you don’t have any staff of your own to take calls, that is also no problem! At Confer With we have our own wonderful, and highly skilled sales team who can answer calls from your website on behalf of your business, so you are able to reap the benefits of this technology right away.

If you are interested in one-to-one live video shopping, you can book a live demo on our website to find out more!

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