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The Top 5 Clienteling Apps For Your Retail Brand

What makes a top clienteling app? 

A top clienteling app incorporates the three following pillars: Relationships, Service and Data. Since its early inception across the luxury sector, clienteling has grown across many retail sectors to deliver exceptional service and in-store.  

For a clienteling app to empower your retail staff, its technology should incorporate: 

  • Customer identification: your team can identify who shops with you, including purchase history and preference. 
  • Customer engagement: clienteling apps use machine learning to enable your team to confidently make product recommendations and services to customers. Many also connect to video commerce and chat providers to engage in one to one or one to many customer conversations 
  • Associate training: integrate store goals and KPIs and coach teams based on results. 
  • Task management: Fully integrates with concierge consultations, appointments and retail software to manage tasks efficiently  
  • Point of sale: customers can check out faster and safer with mobile POS 
  • Payments: many clienteling apps oversee the entire customer journey allowing for easy to convert customers. Purchases made remotely can be followed up with email reminders and post purchase follow ups.  

What solutions clienteling apps can deliver 

Instore and online, there is a separation between the customer and retailer. Instore associates are trained to deal with all types of queries but the truth is, the associate serving them does not know enough valuable information to make it a truly personalised experience.  

Online, the separation is even further. Many software integrations enable personalised product recommendations, but can often feel like a pushy sale without truly understanding the customer needs. 

Clienteling takes these issues and incorporates the three pillars above (relationships, service and data) to invite customers into an entirely new experience.  

Customers can engage with an online retailer and be given an identity where needs are understood and delivered. This leads to higher conversions, average order value and repeat custom. 

The Top 5 Clienteling Apps Explained   

Clienteling App #1 Red Ant 


Red Ant’s customers include: 

  • Charlotte Tilbury 
  • Office 
  • IKEA  
  • Sofology 

The testimonial from Sofology mentions: Red Ant have been agile and responsive to our requirements. We’ve had a very productive relationship working with our two technical teams and we’ve produced a great solution at the end of it. We have witnessed first-hand just how effective the application is and how comfortable and familiar the experience is to customers 


  • Red Ant integrates video consultations with messaging that means advisors can connect with customers regardless of location.  
  • It also includes two-way integration with online accounts that provide a frictionless transition from online browsing to the in-store experience. 


  • Red Ant offer a fully integrated clienteling consultations including video appointments and messaging 
  • Red Ant specialise in conversational commerce, offering a unified chat screen that enables store associates to contact customers on a channel of their choice. This can be over video, email, push notification, text and WhatsApp.  
  • Purchases can be completed at home, enabling safe store operations 


  • Red Ant provides store associates with customer data for pre-booked in-store appointments and virtual consultations.  
  • They use machine learning to better perceive customer behaviour and the purchase lifecycle 

Clienteling App #2 Tulip 

Tulip’s Customers include: 

  • Coach 
  • Mulberry 
  • Michael Kors 
  • Jimmy Choo 

Testimonial from Bonobo 

“Customers were more focused on the transaction instead of the experience” Once we moved to the mobile POS, customers started to see the value of the guide and the customer service in stores. Our team was able to focus on driving an orientation to the brand, help more with style and fit guidance easily”. 


  • Store associates can share updates, offers, discounts, recommendations and answer questions in real time 
  • This includes sending eCommerce products to customers which will then be attributed to the associate 
  • Tulip offers a digital black book feature where they can manage black book customers and filter by preferences 


  • It offers a rapid and easy setup, meaning brands can deliver clienteling services in quick time 
  • Tulip offers one to one interactions and a follow-up feature where they can build personal relationships 
  • There is a personalised communication feature that allows store associates one to one interactions via email and SMS 


  • Single view customer features empowers staff to valuable information such as contact information, preferences, activity history and important dates 
  • Tulip have integrated a customer capture feature, where they can uplaod and manage the customer journey in an admin portal  

Clienteling App #3 Confer With  

Confer With‘s Customers include: 

Snug Testimonial:  

“Confer With offers unique functionality against its competitors in terms of the engagement you have with the customer. We’re talking about the ability to share more assets while you are on a call and being able to assist. We wanted it to be as showroom like as possible, from a remote location and compared to the competition, Confer With wins on that”.   

Read more about Snug’s Case Study Here.


  • Offers one to one connected video commerce calls where the store associates can be connected to a customer from a contact centre, shopfloor and from home 
  • Store associates can be connected to a customer in real time or via virtual appointments, capturing demand when it is needed most 


  • Connected video commerce offers a step up from traditional video calls and allows the associate to present a catalogue of eCommerce products 
  • It replicates shopfloor experiences where the store associate and share images, videos and product specifications  
  • Confer With integrates with appointment booking software like Calendly, Quidini and Appointedd where customers can seamlessly book concierge appointments with store associates. 


  • Confer With integrates with any eCommerce engine, equipping it with valuable data to support store associates with sales 
  • Store associates and suggest alternatives and add ons in a buy flow, enabling them to confidently upsell and increase average basket size 
  • Offers live reporting that tracks sales, aov, and percentage of sharing Confer With features, which has been attributed to higher conversions.  

Clienteling App #4 PredictSpring  

PredictSpring Customers Include: 

  • Deciem 
  • SMCP 
  • HD Buttercup 
  • Steve Madden 

Steve Madden Tesitomonal: 

“Steve Madden has selected the PredictSpring Modern POS to create a seamless shopping experience for consumers no matter where or when they engage with the brand”  


  • 1 to 1 and one to many communications via SMS, e-mail, in-app messaging and push notifications 


  • Store associates can share collections, look books with customers, and create customised collections inspired by trends and past purchase behaviour 


  • PredictSpring’s personalisation quiz offers a unique customer experience by collecting valuable feedback that is leveraged to better understand preferences 
  • Measure key metrics such as regional store sales, average order value and associate performance 
  • Store associates can tap into CRM data to create segmented customer black books and compile customer lists that enable quick communication  
  • Can organise it by spending habits, product preferences and trackable customer lists 
  • Integrates with Salesforce, Applem Net Suite, Paypal and Adyen 

Clienteing App #5 Endear  

Endear’s Customers Include: 

  • Akris 
  • Anine Bing 
  • Jarbo 
  • Koio 


  • Chat with customers via email, text and WhatsApp 
  • Offer personalised messaging and place the right products in front of the right people 


  • Includes CRM, messaging and analytics platform to keep retail teams organised  
  • Follow up appointments and announce new product drops across messaging chanels 


  • Product recommendations that are curated including clickable look books based on customer order history 
  • Sales tracking – managers can motivate teams and see who and what is driving sales each month 

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