One-to-one video shopping: 3 key ways it can transform the online shopping experience

one to one video shopping

What is one-to-one video shopping?

One-to-one video shopping brings you closer to your customers, by enabling your sales representatives to engage directly with shoppers using your website over a direct face-to-face video call. Using widgets embedded into your eCommerce platform, visitors to your website will be able to link through to a sales representative who can guide them through products and provided a personalised shopping experience.


woman taking part in one to one video shopping


Showcase products that directly meet your customer’s needs

More than ever customers feel overwhelmed by the process of finding what they are looking for when online shopping. 65% now state they visit websites multiple times when conducting research on purchases, with only 10% saying they feel that digital retailers do enough to personalise their shopping experience.

Using Confer Withs’ online video shopping platform, you are able to deliver to your customers exactly what they are after. After speaking to the customer directly and finding out exactly what they need, the sales representative will be able to display relevant products directly onto their screen using the shared shopping basket.

Through this feature you will be able to take the customer through products in greater detail, highlighting features of the product and changing its specifications in real-time. This cuts out the uncertainty of customers being left to research products alone and turns this into a collaborative process between clients and your sales representatives.


Example of one to one video shopping


Making eCommerce work for a new range of products

The narrative around purchasing high-ticket and considered items online has changed, seeing an increasing demand in sectors such as consumer electronics, furniture, and luxury.  Now consumers are shopping for a wider range of products, it’s crucial to ensure they have the confidence and assurance to purchase such products on your website. Confer With enables your customers to book a one-to-one video appointment with a sales representative in advance, giving them the chance to have an intimate and detailed exploration of the products prior to purchase.

Through our virtual shopping platform, customers will be able to provide information about their requirements in advance before being able to discuss their purchase in detail in a face-to-face call with a sales rep. This is vital for the success of retailers supplying products that would otherwise be difficult to transfer into an eCommerce setting.


Example of one to one video shopping


Maximising the value of customer purchases

Not only does one-to-one video shopping give customers the level of personalisation and human engagement they crave, but it also allows your sales representatives to do what they do best: sell! Confer With’s virtual shopping platform goes so much further than just a video shopping experience. It also gives you the ability to turn your video calls into a virtual showroom!

Using the virtual product display your sales representatives can showcase the very best products you have available, and bring a wider range of products to the attention of your customers. Sales reps can sell products to your customers in a way that just cannot be replicated on standard online shopping websites. This gives you the chance to upsell customers and maximise the value of their purchases.

Doing this reduces the chances of high return rates commonly seen in e-commerce in a number of ways. By offering customers complementary products that can help them achieve their desired outcome, they are more likely to be satisfied with their purchase, leading to a lower likelihood of returns. Additionally, by ensuring the customer finds the right product for them first-time round with live one-to-one video shopping, they will be less inclined to return the item. 

Whether you are a company new to eCommerce and looking to make the most of a shifting market, or you’re an established digital retailer looking to go to the next level, one-to-one video shopping has the potential to transform the way online retail works.

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