One to One or One to Many in video shopping?

With the coming tsunami of live video shopping, one of the interesting plays is which type of video shopping we will adopt.

With the coming tsunami of live video shopping, one of the interesting plays is which type of video shopping we will adopt. First, we will define the two options.

One to Many live shopping is where one person will broadcast out to many people on video at the same time. This can be a small group but is usually larger, with thousands of people able to participate as one person describes the product and thousands are able to purchase it simultaneously.

One to One live shopping is just that, the opportunity for one person selling the product to chat directly with one person who is interested in it.

one to many video shopping

Where you would use one to many video shopping?

  • If you have an influencer or celebrity promoting the product. For example, if you have David Beckham promoting his new Whisky drink, you want to reach as many viewers as possible. Broadcast to the max and get those sales in.
  • Influencer co-lab – last year, Chinese mega influencer Viya had Kim Kardashian on a video in the background as they chatted. This huge collaboration would have been lost with just one viewer, but by using one to many broadcasting, Kim’s new fragrance sold out all 15,000 bottles within minutes
  • Seasonal holidays – to get the most from your audience, one to many video shopping works great for specific holidays. For example, underwear brands such Agent Provocateur or figleaves producing a one hour special a few days before Valentine’s Day, advising men on how to buy lingerie for their partner? Facilitating a one to many discussion in this instance could help some people who might be reluctant to have a one on one chat about the matter feel more comfortable doing so.
  • Product launches – this idea lends itself to those brands who fit into the luxury or limited-edition arena. Mulberry could email their database and invite a limited number of customers to view the launch of a new handbag, creating a sense of competition in-order to sell a limited range. This way, the customer will still feel valued due to the invitation, but the brand is conveying its message to many.

Your initial introduction to a customer may be via a one to many broadcast but this may result in leads who will turn into one to one customers who may convert better and provide bigger revenue.

When would you use one to one video shopping?

One to one video shopping allows a genuine interaction between the shopper and the product expert. It becomes appropriate under these circumstances:

  • On high price items – there is likely to be a cut-off point where a user demands one to one attention for the amount they are spending. It’s likely to be a test and learn approach as to the price point where such a service will be expected, but there will certainly be a tipping point.
  • Considered purchases – some customers may simply require more hand holding via the purchase journey, particularly if dealing with a complex product or one where some technical explanation is required. Stereo equipment might be one example where the different amplifiers, speakers and turntables may need to be explained further to a customer who is looking to part with large sums of money.
  • Upsell or Cross sell – for some products, there will be an opportunity to get higher revenue via the sale of a higher tiered products or accessories to go with the product. On these occasions, one to one live shopping will be an advantage so that you can really focus on a customers needs and encourage them to upgrade to the right product, which may not be possible with a mass audience.
  • Customer Queries – if you are selling a complex product via ecommerce, it may be beneficial to have one to one live video shopping available. Examples of this may be audio equipment where you can advise on different features important to the user, rather than trying to be all thing to all people in one push.

These are not set rules for when to use one to one or one to many. Things can be mixed up. One idea might be to have an influencer talking to thousands of customers but then give one viewer the chance to win a one to one session with the influencer.  This could be a great viral opportunity for your viewer if that spread news about their experience.

Whichever route you choose to go down, Confer With can help with your video shopping requirements. Book a live video shopping demo today and see your sales can be transformed.

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