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The online shopping demand is growing with no intention of slowing down. By the end of 2021, there will be an estimated 2.14 billion digital buyers, globally. Combine that the unfortunate rise in store closures and this number is only expected to rise.

This prompts the question – how can businesses adapt to the increase in online shopping? Especially those who rely so heavily on face-to-face communication to build customer relationships and drive sales? Below are ways to facilitate the rise in online shopping whilst keeping the online shopping experience human with live video.

Companies are already adapting to the boom in online sales 

According to Barclays Corporate Banking, 15% of UK companies have created roles in response to the increase in digital sales. With an additional one in four industry leaders believing the pandemic has driven the ‘technological revolution’ in retail.  

The study found that every £3 in every £10 is now being spent online, encouraging retailers to place digital technology at the centre of future developments.  

We’ve also been working with exciting customers to facilitate the demand in online shopping. In case you missed it, we spoke at the Figaro Digital Beauty & Cosmetics Webinar where we discussed our partnership with beauty and salon business, Light Salon. Head over to their website to watch our CEO, Serge Milbank, talk more about the impact of live stream shopping on eCommerce websites (after reading this, of course).

Understand the needs of your customers as online shopping demand rises

What are your customers looking for when shopping online?

  • Personalised shopping experience 
  • 24/7 support 
  • Flexible card payments and delivery options 
  • Easy returns policy 
  • Readily available information 

In essence, transparent communication is vital to guarantee success in coping with online demand. 24/7 support can be elevated by embedding a live chat function that can signpost customers and answer first-layer questions such as delivery and stock queries.

Delivery options along with returns policies should be clearly outlined. Additionally, helpful information should be spread across your website in the form of video, blog articles and honest reviews.  

However, personalising the online shopping experience to match the growing demand comes with its hurdles.

That’s why live video shopping can address pain points that eCommerce websites encounter daily. But more specifically it helps to:

  • Encourage customers to make informed decisions on technical products. 
  • Build customer loyalty and trust 
  • Engage with customers at digital touchpoints 
  • Improve customer experience from point of awareness to purchase 

Let’s dig into these a little bit more.  

Encourage customers to make informed decisions on technical products

As online demand increases, customer service teams are swamped with ticket requests to solve a number of questions and complaints. While the number continues to rise the opportunity to deliver a customer-centric service grows ever true.

Although, some brands rely on influencers to push their products and build consumer trust, others may not have allocated a budget for that avenue.  

Therefore, live video shopping embeds a layer of trust between the customer and the retailer. Firstly, needs are properly understood through the expert’s participation in asking questions. Secondly, burning questions can be answered in real-time, eliminating worries which may arise. 

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Match the online shopping demand with one to many or one to one live streams 

The reality check is how can a retail team be at the forefront of customers who visit the website? By offering one to many and one to live streams you can tailor your services to those who are seeking infotainment as opposed to a highly personalised experience.  

One to many is what is taking China by storm right this very second, with careers and celebrities being moulded by this concept. The community it creates is large and people flock in their millions to comment, like share and of course, purchase.  

In the meantime, places like the US and UK will enjoy one to many streams from the likes of QVC and Amazon Live, however big names like Three and Tommy Hilfiger are relishing in one-to-many streams with high engagement and push for sales. 

Unify your channels with omnichannel marketing 

Why should your business utilise a fully personalised omnichannel experience using live stream shopping for your current and potential customers?  

Flexibility is what omnichannel marketing aims for. 

Marketing channels like Apple Business Chat do not permit all types of marketing. Whereas RCS (Rich Communication Services) enable it. 

Additionally, not all devices support each channel so omnichannel marketing enables you to reach a broad reach without technological barriers.  

Live stream shopping humanises the omnichannel experience and offers the consumer an immersive environment. The power of video and customers has been analysed in a previous article (worth a read!), however, below is a summary of a personalised experience using video: 

  1. Customers can purchase inside the experience  
  1. Retailers can direct shoppers to relevant information pages, helping them make an informed decision 
  1. With effective coaching, retailers can identify customer needs and build a loyal community 
  1. Retailers can arrange further appointments – works great with high-consideration items 

Improve customer experience from point of awareness to purchase 

It is no secret that a online customer journey online is shy of simple. Conversion attributes no longer fall on the one-click purchase but instead cover a multitude of devices and channels. Typically beginning with a browse on a mobile phone. 

However, if retailers were to utilise live stream shopping among their sales channels – valuable insights can be gathered by shoppers who are browsing. Additionally, Sales Associates can place themselves at the forefront of delivering expertise to help guide customers through the buying funnel. 

This approach can then be scaled by deploying one to one or one to many streams, followed up with future virtual or offline appointments to maintain an effective customer experience.  

Schedule virtual appointments 

Frustration grows when people cannot locate a customer service advisor. The response they get is being placed in a queue or going round in circles with a chatbot. Nevertheless, if more eCommerce sites began to match the online demand, it could help decrease customer service friction. 

The Confer With services enables experts and customers to schedule future appointments using a centralised booking system. This ensures transparency for all team members involved and a level of confidence for the customer. 


For companies to adapt to the online boom whilst scaling their customer service efforts is no easy task. Meanwhile, customer’s are expecting a seamless service from start to finish, whilst receiving tailored messaging. That’s why live stream shopping can help eCommerce websites reach out to customers and deliver a meaningful online shopping experience.

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