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Planning for the aftermath of Black Friday? Video Commerce will help

We all know demand collapses after Black Friday and recovers slowly. Video Commerce using live shopping provides a way to recover demand fast.

Have you started to think and plan about what happens post black friday? As we all know, Black Friday has become a point in time in the retail year where you can do great volume. If executed well, you could see up to a week or maybe even two weeks of sales that make a massive difference to your Q4 figures.

Those retailers who have made the most of it and have watched their numbers closely know that the hangover kicks in quickly, with less that stellar sales figures the coming weeks. Good planning tends to focus on building interest in the Christmas campaign, which is often about introducing new product or reintroducing the full price product. It is a long pathway to recovering demand – as most of the demand has been sucked out of the funnel.

post black friday

How can you recover this demand faster? and get people excited about a full priced product?

Video commerce allows you to recover demand faster post Black Friday

Shoppers wont be in the mood to buy. They have either got their bargains, or they are sore that they have missed out. they are thinking about Christmas though. They are browsing. They just aren’t converting, and they wont for a few weeks.

Video commerce is a well documented way to at increase conversion. It creates an environment where a retail expert can identify the needs of the customer and respond to the needs of the customer in real time. A skilled video seller can start to build up a need profile and recover that demand faster than the usual 3 weeks prior to Christmas.

In an environment where you can instantly understand needs, when those needs are not catered for on an eCommerce website – you can start to give an experience to the customer that is relevant now (not in 3 weeks).

Confer With puts your stock at your retail expert’s fingertips.

The Confer With service provides Immersion tools to your retail experts that allow them to demonstrate specific products that match customer needs. No other platform does this.

Engagement in Confer With

You can start to build bundles of products that match the unique needs of the customer, add them to a shared virtual basket, save them for follow up. These tools are a powerful way to recover demand – help customers on the way to deciding their next purchases with you.

Get in touch to talk about how Confer With can help recover demand.,

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