Planning for the aftermath of Black Friday? Video Commerce will help

post black friday
post black friday

Video commerce allows you to recover demand faster post Black Friday 

It is expected that 33% of UK consumers will be self-gifting during the Black Friday sales. PwC predicts that only 3% will be purchasing gifts during the event. That being said, shoppers will refocus attention on hunting for gifts following the surge in demand for online shopping.  

How can you recover this demand faster? and get people excited about a full-priced product?

Whilst Amazon continues to be the main source of inspiration for Black Friday deals, it’s crucial for you to focus on how you can differentiate your services in the run-up to Christmas and beyond. 

Video commerce is a well-documented way to increase conversions and customer experiences. It creates an environment where a retail expert can identify the needs of the customer and respond to the needs of the customer in real-time. A skilled video seller can start to build up a needs profile and recover that demand faster than the usual 3 weeks prior to Christmas.  

In an environment where you can instantly understand needs, when those needs are not catered for on an eCommerce website – you can start to give an experience to the customer that is relevant now. 

How can you recover this demand faster? and get people excited about a full-priced product?

Confer With puts your stock at your retail expert’s fingertips.

The Confer With service provides Immersion tools to your retail experts that allow them to demonstrate specific products that match customer needs. No other platform does this.

You can start to build bundles of products that match the unique needs of the customer, add them to a shared virtual basket, save them for follow up. These tools are a powerful way to recover demand – help customers on the way to deciding their next purchases with you.

Quickly match new demand with Confer With Little 

Confer With Little can be deployed to any website or eCommerce platform for two-way or one-way video calling. It is created to focus on: 

  • Quick to Deployment 
  • Softer Technical Requirements 
  • Low Cost Low Risk 

Companies are able to launch quickly and capitalise on the opportunity they have to sustain a relationship with the customer. This is suitable for brands who want this platform and its outcomes quickly. 

Compared to the full version of Confer With, Confer With Little provides companies with a much more simple design and therefore can integrate easily with the platform. 

The Two Pillars of Confer With Little  

Confer With Little emphasises the one-to-one feature and focuses on two of the four pillars of video commerce – Match and Engage. The platform is able to route a customer to an appropriate expert where they are able to engage in a two-way voice and chat video, through a simple widget.  


The Matching pillar allows high-value customers to be paired with members of your team in real-time. This allows your team to utilise their skills and software, and then ensure that your customers get the help they need.  

If you want to find out more about how our Matching feature works, click here.  


Yoru team are able to engage your online customers with a richer live shopping experience. Your customers can engage with your team in a way that is collaborative and comfortable. Live video shopping allows for a higher rate of satisfaction around selecting the right product or service for the customer.  

Engagement is also important when we talk about brands redefining the customer experience. It is vital for our platform to provide the ultimate helping of personalisation and support, and therefore the Engage pillar has a crucial role to play. 

Get in touch to talk about how Confer With can help recover demand.

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