How Live Video Shopping Improves Customer Satisfaction

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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the shopping industry has had to adapt to online their online spaces. Live-streaming, video commerce and personal calls create and maintain a close relationship between the company and the customer. Currently, we are able to provide customers with the same level of satisfaction they would get from shopping in person, through the development of video commerce.

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What is Customer Satisfaction? 

Customer satisfaction is how happy your customers are with the interaction they have with your website, assistance and overall product or service.

It’s important as it determines whether or not they will come back, and can affect your company’s lifetime value and overall reputation.  

Micah Solomon talks about customer satisfaction for Forbes, “A merely satisfied customer is still a free agent, exploring the marketplace. She still has a wandering eye.”

He goes on to say, “this is why basic customer satisfaction shouldn’t be confused with true customer engagement and loyalty.”  

Customer satisfaction needs to be reliable and repeated, in order to increase the engagement and loyalty with consumers. COVID-19 has accelerated the demand for exceptional digital customer service.

The public is growing frustrated at long-overdue responses due to staff shortages and cutbacks. However, video commerce helps manage customer’s expectations and control the peak in website traffic.

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How Can Video Shopping Improve Customer Satisfaction? 

Video Shopping is often seen as the mediator between online retail and physical retail.

It enables a better eCommerce experience for the customer and the brand, whilst improving customer loyalty and satisfaction.

More importantly, customers are expecting video content to be readily available on company websites. In a previous article on video commerce, these figures highlighted the changing trend in video perception:

  • 62% of consumers watch product review videos before making a purchase.  
  • 84% who watched a product video then made a purchase. 
  • 56% of customers believe a company should include video content on its website.

So, how can your brand tap into this demand and deliver video shopping?


If you pay no attention to this then do not expect a satisfed customer.

Obviously your goal here is to align the customer’s needs with the correct team member and matching expertise.

High-consideration items require specific product expertise. Ensure that the right team member is there to deliver what the customer demands. 

One-to-One Engagement  

One to one offers a VIP service to the customer. By delivering a personable experience, the retailer can illustrate a clear picture of the customer’s needs.

Devoting your whole attention to the customer means real-time cues can be identified and acted upon.

The retailer can also schedule future appointments to ensure the customer makes the correct informed choice.


Video shopping enables experts to involve the customers in the website, guiding them through different products or services on offer. Through this interaction, customers are able to be immerged in an experience they would similarly experience in physical retail.  

It’s important to note that…

Faceless brands do not fulfil customer needs 

For too long online retailers have been hiding behind marketing copy and chatbots.

It is becoming more prominent than faceless brands do not fulfil customer needs. Consumer habits have changed with many priortising safety when shopping in-store.

Previously physical retail thrived over eCommerce because customers could put a face to a name. Ask complex questions and explore the store’s offerings.

However, digital experts are predicting online shopping will continue to rise after COVID-19 restrictions ease.

With the ability to interact with your customers directly, video shopping allows people to shop in safety and in comfort.

Daniel Farman mentions human interaction as a benefit of live stream shopping. “The main advantage of eCommerce brands live streaming content is the connection gained between brand and consumer.”

Faceless brands have a struggle surviving today, as the demand for open dialogue is so high.

“By allowing your audience to give real-time feedback, you convey the trust you have in your product. Becoming more translucent with your client-base can lead to a stronger brand reputation”

The virtual world is progressively moving forward into the retail world. Companies have to meet the demands of the customers, or sink. 

In this day and age, it is now more important than ever to integrate online presence into your company using video commerce.  

How Does Live Video Shopping Benefit Your Brand? 

Video commerce acts as a bridge between the scale of online and the intimacy and personal touch of retail. For retailers and brands there are some clear benefits of live video shopping: 

Increased Conversion Rates 

By increasing your customer engagement, you subsequently increase your customer satisfaction. Through higher satisfaction rates, customers start to develop loyalty and invest a degree of emotion towards your company.  

Improve Average Order Value 

Using video commerce we are able to connect experts with the right customer. If the matching is done correctly, the customer will develop a relationship with the brand and the individual retail expert.

Video commerce introduces the human interaction that eCommerce alone wasn’t able to deliver. Using this, we can develop relationships between the brand and the customer, increasing the average order value of the company.  

Ongoing dialogue can allow the expert to appropriately upsell and cross-sell items, without jeopardising the sale.

Through this, trust is built within both the relationship and the brand, leading the customer to invest more. 

Increase Customer Loyalty  

Along with higher conversion rates and improvements on average order value, there is also an increase in customer loyalty. When a customer experience with a company is above their expectations, there is a clear correlation with brand loyalty.

Customers are shown to return to companies that cater to their needs clearly, efficiently and productively – which is what video commerce achieves.  

Increase Customer Satisfaction 

Through engaging with the customer via a face-to-face interaction, experts are able to cater to the needs of the customer. Clear communication is able to be transferred, mirroring that of the interaction in physical stores. 

With increase customer satisfaction in both the product/service and the experience, customers are likely to return, therefore increasing the average order value.  

Increase Overall Engagement  

Research conducted by Agora Pulse compared engagement between different forms of postings.

Finding that live video increased the following:

  • 241% increase in reactions
  • 1390% increase in comments
  • 425% increase in shares 

Traci Ruether illustrates the impact that the pandemic has had on retail. “More than 8,000 locations closed down for good in 2020, confirming that ‘business as usual’ is no longer an option.”

She also argues the benefits of e-commerce and the different platforms available for customer support.

“Today, chatbots and mobile apps make online customer support seamless.”

Through referring to all the impacts live shopping has had on retail, eCommerce has arguably transformed our everyday lives as we know it. 

Examples of Live Video Shopping to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Video shopping is already proven to be a big success in China. Live Steam “eCommerce Queen”, Viya Huang sold over $45 million worth of products in 2019.

However, video shopping is now making waves in the western world too.

Tommy Hilfiger debuted it’s first livestream shopping channel in May 2020, in both Europe and America. This allowed customers to see their spring collection live through an interactive stream online.

CPP-Luxury explained: “As well as being able to add their favourite styles to a virtual shopping bag for immediate purchase after the livestream, viewers could also interact (…) by submitting questions, voting about certain content and answering trivia-based quizzes.”

They further describe the live stream as a “turning point,” in digital commerce and the future of retail. This event attracted over 14 million people and “sold out of hoodies in two minutes,” an article by Digital stated. Similar brands like L’oreal and Armani are doing similar things to sell to customers online. 


eCommerce brands should be now exploring options to improve customer satisfaction that goes beyond email and website navigation.

Through the pandemic, companies have had to adapt to a completely different world.

Live stream shopping removes the barrier between the retailer and the consumer, allowing better and more efficient communication. It’s also an opportunity to satisfy many customer needs.

For customers, the experience of video commerce offers consistency in both efficiency and communication, across all the company’s channels, meeting the standards customers set. 

About Confer With  

At Confer With, we help businesses set up live stream shopping to stay connected with their customers via video commerce. We engage and immerse shoppers over live video stream, in turn delivering a product experience that boosts conversion.

Find out how we can help you achieve your goals by scheduling a free demo today.  

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