Privacy Features: Ensuring Confidence and Security in Every Interaction

Privacy Features Ensuring Confidence and Security in Video Shopping

When you’re settling into a live video shopping session, excited about the personalized experience, you may wonder: “How secure is this platform? What happens to my personal information?” In this article, we’ll discuss why privacy matters in live video shopping. If these concerns sound familiar, you’re not alone. We understand that when you interact online, especially in real-time, privacy isn’t just a preference—it’s a requirement. That’s why we’re committed to offering you a safe, secure, and private live video shopping experience, putting the focus on privacy.

Live 1-2-1 Video Shopping Template that Boosts Sales

live video shopping template

Live 1-2-1 video shopping merges the convenience of online shopping with the personalisation of in-store retail, resulting in a unique and innovative shopping experience. During a live video call, the customer can interact with the brand ambassador one-on-one, receiving expert advice, recommendations, as well as making purchasing decisions in real-time. By replicating the in-store experience, […]

How Much Daily Traffic are Online Retailers Missing Out On?

live video shopping 24/7 support

Question: When do you think your retail store’s busiest hours are? Answer: It’s not in the morning just before work, it’s not even when most people are taking their lunch break. It’s actually when the average 9-5 ‘workday’ is over, and people are relaxing at home, scrolling on their phones with their feet up after […]

Virtual Reality in Retail: What it is and Why it Matters

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is synonymous with gaming and gimmicky experiences that fuel every child’s immersive dream. But what is its place in retail? In this article, we explore what virtual reality is, how it can be applied in shopping experiences and why retailers should get onboard.