The Top 5 Benefits of Headless Commerce

what is headless commerce

Headless commerce opens opportunities for eCommerce stores to get creative without back-office constraints. In a previous article (which we’d love for you to check out!) we spoke about how live video shopping is a great headless commerce tool to drive revenue through digital touchpoints and how it leverages data to operate a fully immersive store […]

Redefining The Online Customer Experience With Live Video Shopping

customer experience

The online customer experience, what does it all mean? Rising customer expectations, blended retail experiences and hyper-personalisation have been at the forefront of retail leaders minds – for good reason. COVID-19 served as a catalyst for the retail revolution, with many consumers spending more time online and subsequently driving record-breaking eCommerce sales. COVID-19 also served as a catalyst for innovation – […]

Competing on Price or Value – How to Win on Value

video commerce price vs value

Should your e-commerce business compete with other companies with price or focus on sustainability by competing by value? This article speaks about the disadvantages of competing on price and why brands should switch to value instead. 

How Live Video Shopping Improves Customer Satisfaction

customer being immersed in immersive demonstration tools to power ecommerce

Through engaging with the customer via a face-to-face interaction, experts are able to cater to the needs of the customer. Clear communication is able to be transferred, mirroring that of the interaction in physical stores.