How cycling websites can step up a gear

Another day, another lockdown announcement for the UK. With gyms closed and the days starting to get a little bit lighter, thoughts of many will turn to how to get their cardio hit. In the previous lockdown, bicycle demand hit new heights. It may be slightly different this time, but there is certainly still demand, […]

How to stand out in the world of mattress marketing

video shopping on phone

Does the world of sleep make your eyes close and dreams start? Well, it is time to wake up, as this industry is one of the most interesting to view from a marketing perspective. Specifically, the world of mattresses. Around a decade ago, shopping for a mattress would have involved heading a to an out […]

Hey John Lewis, do you know what enhances a virtual tour?

john lewis virtual christmas shop

Christmas is coming and the ecommerce stores are hoping their tills will be getting virtually fat. But this year will be a Christmas like no other, with the ghost of Covid-19 hanging over heads and ready to ruin shop opening times and service. We are already in the digital age when it comes to shopping, […]

Video shopping – Beyond Influencers and Youtube

live shopping immersion

Video Shopping and Influencers – With Live Stream Shopping gaining traction, Confer With looks at the impact beyond the demand awareness created by influencers and explores the impact on consideration.

How Live Video Shopping Protects Your Brand

video shopping on phone

Live Video Shopping has a unique ability to protect luxury brands. Confer With gives you what you need to know and how you can use it to protect and ultimately enhance your brand.