Livestream Shopping Knowledge base

Livestream Shopping is a new way to shop – its the bridge between retail and online. Here we explore how instore video streamed live to shoppers can be used to help shoppers find what they need better and retailers to be more effective for their customers.

a user answering a survey based on zero party data

What is Zero Party Data? Why Does it Matter?

What’s the deal Zero party data is a marriage of consumers wanting personalisation and having full control over how a company uses their data. In mainstream media, the 2018 Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal highlighted how sensitive everybody’s data is, especially for the everyday person.  Nevertheless, in 2019 an Econsultancy Survey declared data-driven marketing as […]

virtual shopping

Virtual Shopping – Everything You Need To Know

As we emerge from lockdown to revitalise the high-street there is no denying shopping habits have changed. From being glued to mobile devices at home, making impulse purchases and living a far more digitised life, the experience of in-store shopping is now being reflected online too. And while fewer consumers are shopping in the high-street, virtual shopping combines the best elements of online shopping and […]

virtual stores

What are Virtual Stores? Why Should Brands Get Involved?

The virtual store is a technological exploration into the personal experience between retail and customers, offering a blended experience that is redefining the way we shop.  In this article, we’ll uncover what virtual stores are and how it equips retailers for the future.   What is a Virtual Store?  Everything from a physical store that the customer […]

How to Train your Remote Retail Team

Live video shopping requires ongoing training and support for your remote retail team and is the key factor in forging meaningful customer relationships. Your customers interact with this team on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and for them, they represent your brand.   We have listed a few reasons as to why we think having […]

customer experience

How To Deliver A Great Online Customer Experience

The online customer experience, what does it all mean? Rising customer expectations, blended retail experiences and hyper-personalisation have been at the forefront of retail leaders minds – for good reason. COVID-19 served as a catalyst for the retail revolution, with many consumers spending more time online and subsequently driving record-breaking eCommerce sales. COVID-19 also served as a catalyst for innovation – […]

conversational commerce

Conversational Commerce and Live Video: a pair worth shipping? 

What’s the big deal surrounding conversational commerce? eCommerce websites have often missed the shot when it comes to personalisation and instead delivers intrusive marketing in the form of pop-ups, email marketing and retargeting messages, which no longer hold any purpose. This means what should be a frictionless online shopping journey often results in frustrated customers experiencing poor navigation. […]

ecommerce conversion rates

Guide to Improving Ecommerce Conversion Rates

It’s no secret that eCommerce conversion rates sit low. But we are here to change that. The first step is to identify those underlying factors of why your conversion rates are falling flat, and what we can do to improve those rates for the long-term. Here, we explore some examples of how you can improve […]

woman taking a virtual appointment from her phone

Virtual Appointments: The Future of Retail?

Since 2020, our lives have drastically been digitised, for better and for worse. Whether we are suffering from Zoom fatigue to questionable impulse purchases – day to day activities are now taking place online and that includes retail virtual appointments. In this article, we’ll talk about the impact of virtual appointments and whether they’ll redefine the future of […]


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