Livestream Shopping Knowledge base

Livestream Shopping is a new way to shop – its the bridge between retail and online. Here we explore how instore video streamed live to shoppers can be used to help shoppers find what they need better and retailers to be more effective for their customers.

train retail team on video calls

How to Train your Retail Team on Video Calls

Empowering your team with the knowledge and skills required for mastering video commerce is a journey for everyone involved. These six steps will help equip you with the tools needed to coach and build an effective team to build meaningful customer relationships via video.

Creating a Great Customer Experience for Video Commerce

Brands are increasingly converting to the likes of video commerce and live-streaming to interact and respond to customer’s needs. Through this new approach to omnichannel, video commerce has helped give customers what they want – human interaction.

How Confer With Works

What is Clienteling and Why it Matters in 2021

What is clienteling and why does it matter in 2021? For years, retailers have established meaningful customer relationships by using data-driven tools. Find out why it remains important during shop closures and COVID-19.


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