Time to give your customers a holiday online shopping experience you can be proud of

You’d not have your store open for holiday shopping without retail staff to help your customers – so why not help your online shoppers in the same way? After all nobody sells better than your staff.

Schedule a demo, and we’ll show you how Live 1-2-1 video shopping can increase average order value and revenue this holiday season.

connor confer with live video shopping

Connor O’Reilly

Introducing Connor, or as everyone in the eCommerce field knows him best as, the Sales Warrior. Not only is he passionate about live 1-2-1 video shopping, but he also knows exactly how Confer With’s platform can multiply your conversion rates, increase consumer engagement with your brand, and reduce shopping cart abandonment rates (just to name a few benefits). Get in contact with the Sales Warrior to learn more about the importance of implementing Confer With to your eCommerce business.