live video shopping powered A 39% increase in average order value

Vivant approached Confer With to reinvent their digital experience and transform the way they can provide professional tailored advice, in the comfort of customers’ homes. The outcome? A truly unique service which has led to higher sales, average order value and customer loyalty.

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Since 1969, Vivant has been setting the standard for the industry. Rooted in science and dedicated to ground-breaking solutions, they have been the preferred choice of dermatologists for over 50 years.

The skincare industry is undergoing a transformation with more people than ever researching, considering and purchasing products, online. Vivant, being a high-end skincare provider, found a missed opportunity between their online users and market offering. 

They wanted to expand their DTC approach and take ownership of online customer relationships. Previously users could shop via a number of skin-related categories and build their regimen from scratch. However, to remove doubt and educate users on total skincare regimens, human interaction was needed.

Confer With partnered with Vivant to deliver an immersive live video shopping experience that will not only increase conversion rates, but revolutionise the online shopping experience.



Two-way video provides a human experience online

Before Confer With, Vivant only engaged with customers via email. Live video shopping has now expanded Vivant’s communication offering and enhanced the consultation experience. Vivant’s Skin Coach, Jacqueline Steelman, agrees that the live video shopping experience has supported her in providing the correct regimen routines to her customers.

It’s so important for us to recommend the right regimen for our clients and live video shopping has enabled us to do just that.

Jacqueline Steelman

Skin Coach – Vivant Skincare

Industry reports suggest that customers rely on high-quality images and descriptions to complete a purchase. 

Inside live video calls, Skin Coaches can demonstrate and share images to support the ongoing conversation. Jacqueline expressed customers are overjoyed when they can see all the different types of bottles and measurements. 

Additionally, Skin Coaches can share product descriptions to showcase ingredients and instructions for correct application.

The combined approach has resulted in a complete immersive experience that was once only achievable in-person.


improvement in conversion rates

Live video shopping has accelerated Customer Lifetime Value

Following the consultation, customers are always intrigued to find out more about the products and remain highly engaged post purchase. 

Many customers that come through video are first-time customers, yet they are so amazed by the service that no one else is offering, they always return.  

Jacqueline compared this type of customer relationship to building a friendship. In a competitive eCommerce landscape, establishing strong connections is key to staying ahead of the curve. 

Increasing average order value with Add Ons tool

To see outstanding skin care results, Vivant Skin Coaches advise their customers to build a complete regimen plan. Confer With has helped Vivant build average order value through the powerful Add Ons tool.  

The Add Ons tool populates a list of products that complement the core product shown. That means experts can share and demonstrate products that suit the client’s needs. 

This in turn has helped them achieve an 39% increase in average order value. 


 increase in average order value

Truly understand customer preferences with integrated booking system

Every Confer With customer has the option to showcase their widget through walk-ins or appointments. Due to the in-depth consultation, Vivant opted for appointment booking only. 

What this means is for each client that makes an appointment through our integrated appointment software, they provide valuable insights such as skin type and concerns. 

Before the call commences, Vivant Skin Coaches are equipped with client knowledge and product recommendations to maximise the value of every call. 


A video-driven strategy has created an entirely new customer experience

Partnering with Vivant, Confer With have unlocked a new DTC channel with a focus on human interaction via live video shopping. The immersive experience has not only led to impressive conversion rates and average order increase, but an opportunity to develop and nurture customer relationships in a highly competitive market. 


Our clients are amazed at our virtual consultations and say no other skin care brand is offering this service.

Jacqueline Steelman

Skin Coach – Vivant Skincare

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